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  • TBB Power & Energy
    TBB Power & Energy

    -We offer Turnkey Solution for HFO-Diesel-Gas power plants.
    -Turnkey Solution for Sub-Stations.
    -EPC for Captive Power Plant
    -Installation & Commissioning
    -Operation & Maintenance
    -Engine Services
    -Spare Parts supply, Overhauling, Servicing
    -Supply of Engines


    -LV and MV Switchgear Products, Brand: ABB, Siemens, Legrand and others

    -33KV, 11KV and 6.6KV Cable Termination Kits.

    -33KV Dis-connector Switch, Lightning Arrestor and PI.

    -Erection material such as insulation tap, cable metallic glands double compression type, cable ties, cable numbering tags, and ferrules.

    -Stranded bare copper for earthing mesh, Insulated Copper, Lug, Gunpowder, Different types dice for welding.

    -LV control and protection cables.

    -Optical Items: 24 Core, 48 Core, Patch cord and ODF Box.

    -Steel structure material with nut-bolts

    -Street lighting pole with bulb, LED light of different sizes.

    -Disc insulators with different ratings.


    -Installation of Substations

    -Installation of Power Transformer

    -HV & LV Cable laying.

    -33KV, 11KV & 6.6KV Cable termination.

    -Optical Fiber Splicing and testing.

    -Rental of Heavy Equipment Support including Crane, Excavator, Dozer, Hydra, Roller, Truck, Pickup van, etc.

    -Generator on a rent basis.

    -Transformer oil Centrifuging and testing.