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TBB shall provide the principal with useful information, advice, services and assistance for the purpose of promotion, development and realization of the Respective Business hereby contemplated, irrespective of whether such business or important transaction is made, and shall fully assist and cooperate with the principal in the smooth and successful implementation of the Respective Business.

TBB shall promote and protect the reputation and interest of the principal by all reasonable and proper ways and means.

TBB shall provide principal with such reports as the first party may require from time to time reasonably request on the manufacturer/suppliers and the market situation for respective Business in the Territory.

TBB shall upon request of the principal, assist in negotiation with clients in order to facilitate the conduct of Respective Business.

TBB shall keep confidential and not divulge to any person, firm or corporation any information acquired in the course of the performance of this agreement and even after the expiration of this Agreement.

TBB shall receive observations and complaints make by the clients and immediately inform the principal of any such case and act in the First party’s best interests.

TBB shall upon request of the First party, to act as liaison between the Principal & the clients, RPCL/PMO Office.

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