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TBB is offering ‘A Single Point Solutions’ in multiple departments of Renewable Energy Projects. We are exclusively involved as (Business Scope):


Planning, Survey, Design, Construction, Operation, Investment.

Pre-Feasibility Study.

Consultancy (Project Proposal Preparation)

EPC (Through our partners)

EPC+F (Through our Partners)

Supply of Panels, Inverter, Solar Equipment’s, Components, etc.

-Type of Renewable Energy Power Plants:

Solar Power

Solar Home System (SHS)

Wind Power


O&M Services

Waste to Energy Power Plant

Biomass Power Plant


All BOP items for Solar Power Plant.

Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

Mounting Hardware


Solar Panels

Solar Lights and LED’s


Solar Geysers

Solar Charge Controllers.





Aluminum Frames.

Wind Turbines

Miscellaneous items.

-Solar Systems Design, Installation & Maintenance:

Rooftop Solar System

Solar-Wind Hybrid System

Waste to Energy Power Plant Project.


 Pre-Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study.

All Testing works.

All Survey Works.

Project Finance arrangement for Large Projects.

TBB also identifies & selects renewable energy projects and connected assets to secure suitable investors.

O&M Services:

TBB now offers Operations and Maintenance Services

for large commercial and utility-scale solar power plants through their strategic partners.

-Turnkey Solutions:

 Solar Power Plant

Large Scale PV Installations

Solar Irrigation Pump

Solar Street Lighting

End to end collaboration with our clients (module manufacturers, engineering

companies and developers) supplying products of very high quality at competitive

prices, and with enough experience to fulfil the warranties and bankability of

those products.